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Nov. 24 2020
Performing traditional barbell squats may pose significant physical challenges for some clientele based on their prior medical/injury history or simply be too technically demanding at first... View More
Nov. 16 2020
For many fitness business owners, the thoughts that keep them up at night are often about their people:Did I hire the right person?Can I trust her with my clients? With my business?Am I paying him too
Nov. 10 2020
After 25 years of working with cancer patients I would venture to say that only about 90% of them knew what lymphedema was... View More
Nov. 6 2020
If there is anything the pandemic has made clear to us, it’s the importance of having our financial house in order... View More
Nov. 4 2020
Certifications/qualifications:• BS, CSCS, CMT, C.H.E.K. NLC II• Personal Trainer • Certified Massage Therapist• C.H.E.K. Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level II• Level 3... View More
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Oct. 14 2020
Long lever abdominal exercises are popular. However, they also pose a risk for the lumbar spine given the relatively poor abdominal strength/control and lever arm created by momentum and the iliopsoas
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Oct. 12 2020
Now that everybody recognizes the future of business is virtual (shoutout: coronavirus), the competition is ferocious. If you can’t attract an audience, you can’t earn a dime online... View More
3. FiTOUR Boot Camp Advanced Workshop
Oct. 6 2020
October Trainer of the Month... View More
Sept. 30 2020
It can certainly be overwhelming and make even seasoned fitness professionals feel pressured to jump on the virtual bandwagon... View More
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Sept. 28 2020
For the past decade, most services have been migrating to online, or at least having an online element to them. In the past year, the migration to online became not just a “nice-to-have” or... View More
medical fitness
Sept. 28 2020
Explore these non-traditional avenues to earn income and make an impact... View More
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Sept. 23 2020
Split squats offer an effective way to improve lower body strength and stability. This exercise variation using a kettlebell offers a dynamic version with multiple progressions to challenge balance an
Sept. 8 2020
Fitness professionals have experienced a sharp pivot in recent months — from live group fitness experiences and one-on-one coaching to the world of virtual fitness. As gym closures began to hit the
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Sept. 8 2020
Improving shoulder and core/hip stability to control body weight is critical for athletes and weekend warriors. The traditional thread the needle is effective at this, but I find it is often a bit too
Sept. 1 2020
September 2020 PFP Trainer of the Month... View More
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Aug. 26 2020
We can model for our clients not only ways to be physically healthy but mentally healthy as well... View More
Aug. 25 2020
Tracy Markley is a Fitness Specialist and Educator whose career in the fitness industry has spanned over two decades. She holds numerous specialty certifications, including several for those with me... View More
Aug. 12 2020
Let’s start with a little-known sales secret: all value is perceived value. While one prospective client may value a complimentary session, another may prefer to purchase your paid trial that includ
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Aug. 12 2020
This is an advanced exercise that should be reserved for clientele who have sufficient upper body strength and shoulder/core stability to perform it... View More
IRONMAN 2018 Finish
Aug. 3 2020
Christine Conti, our August PFP Trainer of the Month, has been making a difference in the industry for over 20 years. Christine is a former All-American Collegiate volleyball player who was diagnosed... View More