Let BOSU® Master Trainer Kaitlin Zuloaga take your clients through this glute sequence.
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Try these 3-dimensional Core-Tex progressions that feel amazing and achieve thoracic mobility improvements in just minutes.
Hydro Training will challenge core strength, stability, and stabilizer muscles.
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Take your clienteles’ leg day to the next level with some BOSU® Balance Trainer squat variations. Check these variations out and subscribe to the official BOSU® YouTube channel to learn more approved BOSU® workouts that you can incorporate into your routines.
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These 4 exercise sequences can be combined into a great unconventional exercise ball workout for balance, core, strength, and mobility.
Try to transition from a stability ball plank to a stability ball push-up in one seamless, fluid motion
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Strengthen the posterior chain, chest and lower body with this challenging movement
Start with a 20 or 30 second interval and progress from there for awesome fat-burning results.
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Improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning and cardio
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Take your stability ball training to a new level! These exercises are perfect for at-home workouts!
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Variability in exercise is the key to keeping your clients' workouts from feeling stale, and we have just the right tool and exercise library to spice up the workouts!
This deceptively simple drill can be done one on one, or in large or small groups, and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!
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Watch the video above to see 5 upper body exercises you can incorporate into your client’s next session!
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All you need is your Steelhose and a timer. Just 25 minutes. One tool.
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Join BOSU® Master Trainer Helen Vanderburg as she shows you how to utilize your BOSU® Balance Trainer with the Sun Salutation yoga sequence.
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The Plié Combination is designed to fit into a Barre Fitness Class strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.
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Armor up with these 5 FitFighter favorite moves to help you MoveSTRONG and challenge your whole body with this heart pumping and muscle blasting circuit.
These 3 exercises are sure to fire up your glutes or your clients’ glutes, which are often many clients’ favorite muscle group to target.