Dec. 23 2009
Here we are yet again at a time of new beginnings. 2010 is almost upon us, and it’s time to trot out our goals for the new year. I’ve found that goal achievement comes from not only creating... View More
Nov. 4 2009
It's usually only magicians that are thought to be able to create something out of nothing, but personal trainers can do it, too. And that something we create out of nothing are our personal training sessions.... View More
Sept. 9 2009
I wish I would have had this book when I first started training; I would have avoided years of stagnation and limited traction. I am, however, glad I have it now. Even as a seasoned trainer (yes, I am... View More
Sept. 9 2009
For an independent trainer, especially one just starting out, using the web is one of the best ways to find new training clients. The people that need training the most are usually the ones that spend... View More
Aug. 26 2009
For the past several months, we’ve discussed marketing your fitness business every which way to Sunday, and I admit, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Not to worry, though; there’s... View More
Aug. 5 2009
If my history serves me correctly, personal training and personal computers both became mainstream at about the same time, somewhere in the mid-1980s. You can call it coincidence if you want, but ever... View More
July 17 2009
These days, it seems like everyone is talking about Facebook and Twitter. The problem is that you have Facebook and Twitter accounts and only seem to waste time talking to old high school friends. So are... View More
July 17 2009
Setting your hourly rate as a fitness professional can be a bit perplexing to those new to the industry or in business for themselves for the first time. There is a perfect balance of factors to blend... View More
July 13 2009
Last issue, we learned the importance of testing for your marketing, what you should be testing and your options to do so. As promised, I will now be showing you how to start knocking around the competition... View More
June 10 2009
Have you ever wondered what separates the winners from the losers in the fitness industry? It's got to be something because salaries for full-time trainers range everywhere from less than $30,000 to over... View More
June 8 2009
Most fitness pros feel a profound connection with the earth. After all, we're the ones running on the beach, biking on a mountain trail, swimming in a lake or leading a boot camp in a park, so we want... View More
June 1 2009
When most of us hear "test," we don't associate it with very many positive things. Testing means performance anxiety, being judged and the very real and quantifi able opportunity for failure.That's why... View More
June 1 2009
Most of us have heard the saying, "When one door closes, another door opens." In this economic time, I believe the saying will change to, "When one door closes, the ones beside it have or will be doing... View More
May 27 2009
There are many kinds of personal trainers. We all have our specialties and our favorite clients to train. We also all have unique career aspirations and goals for our businesses and our lives. Some personal... View More
May 26 2009
They always say you shouldn't go into personal training for the money, but I think the reality is that most of us do. And why not? If you're an independent trainer that's booked solid at the industry average,... View More
May 20 2009
In the term "personal training", I think the word that gets lost a lot of times is personal. The personal dimension to what we do is very, very important. And this doesn't go only for the contact we have... View More
April 28 2009
Let's start with the textbook definition of positioning: Positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their targets. Ok, not bad. But why is that important... View More
March 26 2009
Returning from IHRSA 2009 in San Francisco, I must admit that best advice was from author and marketing expert Seth Godin. Author of several best-selling books, including Purple Cow, Godin said... View More
March 9 2009
Before you proceed with your idea, you need to consider whether to pursue a patent or not. Make sure you do not show anyone your idea! If you do decide to apply, this may violate your patent. There are... View More
March 5 2009
Things are getting a little sticky, aren't they? The economy will probably get worse before it gets better, and people aren't exactly tripping over themselves to spend money on trainers lately. To most... View More