Dec. 29 2008
Competition is a good thing. No, there is no typo in this statement. I did not forget the �not.� I firmly believe that competition in business is a good thing... View More
Dec. 29 2008
As personal trainers, we�re very used to the one-on-one relationship, but the minute we hang a sign outside our own training studio or gym, things change. Trying to go it alone... View More
Dec. 29 2008
One of the biggest mistakes fitness experts make is failing to stay in contact with their clients and prospects. And even when they do send newsletters to their list, most trainers make serious mistakes... View More
Dec. 10 2008
They purchase 51% of all personal training sessions, control over two trillion dollars of all disposable income and are being driven your way by chronic disease and the longing for the fountain of youth.... View More
Dec. 2 2008
IDEA Health & Fitness Association, a membership organization of health, wellness and fitness professionals worldwide with more than 23,000 members in over 80 countries, continuously polls its members,... View More
Nov. 24 2008
Editor’s note: This article is part three of a series outlining steps and concepts for those with the desire to tackle the youth obesity epidemic. ... View More
Oct. 31 2008
For the past several years, new fitness trends required facility owners to increase overhead with new equipment, new programming and specialized staff – often with little or no ROI. The logic behind... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Editor's note: This article is part 2 of a series outlining steps and concepts for those with the desire to tackle the youth obesity epidemic. [... View More
Sept. 23 2008
The formula for success for just about any business or endeavor invariably includes the word "consistent" somewhere in the recipe. As a fitness professional, you tout the absolute necessity of consistency... View More
Sept. 15 2008
In some instances, post-rehab professionals are able to obtain insurance reimbursement for post-rehab services, but its not easy. There is a criteria the client must meet to have a chance for reimbursement: 1. ... View More
Sept. 8 2008
[Read Part 2 - Avoiding negative images] Like tennis bad-boy Andre Agassi was famous for saying, "Image is everything.€VbCrLf... View More
Sept. 8 2008
Friend Trainer The negative image of "Friend" is where many trainers fall into, and it's a trap that's hard to avoid. We all do eventually become very comfortable around our clients, and at that point,... View More
July 25 2008
Red, yellow, blue and green walls match the colors of workout T-shirts the kids wear and the exercise balls they use. This is not your typical fitness facility. PowerKidz Youth Fitness Center in Indianapolis... View More
July 14 2008
The phone rings at headquarters. I answer the call with my usual greeting: "Hello, this is Lynn VanDyke. How can I help you?" "Hi, Lynn. I'm Bob, a personal trainer in Missouri,... View More
July 11 2008
When I was first asked to write a piece about online marketing for fitness professionals, it seemed easy enough. I mean, that's what I do for a living, right? I consult with personal trainers and others... View More
June 13 2008
Personal trainers are experts in developing workouts that work, but creating ads is a whole different skill set that most trainers learn by trial and error and at a high cost of time and dollars. Are you... View More
June 13 2008
>>Missed Part 1? Click here to read it! Bouncing Bouncing is term I introduced into personal training because... View More
June 13 2008
Since your training session is the actual product you're selling as a personal trainer, paying attention to how it's designed is one of your most important tasks. The goal of any trainer that wants to... View More
March 19 2008
Pop quiz, hot shot: What do MTV, Trader Joe's and the iPod have in common? Yes, of course, they're all now ubiquitous and make our lives much more agreeable. But to us, the most interesting thing about... View More
March 17 2008
There's an old saying that you can get it cheap, fast and high-quality, as long as you pick any two of the three. But with new guerilla marketing techniques, you can truly have it all. What Is Guerilla... View More


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