WhenI was first certified, I was under the impression thatmyknowledge base and my ability to identify muscularimbalancewas going to help me get more clients.

Iwas wrong and ultimately felt frustrated by my inabilitytoconvert prospects into paying clients.

Butall that changed when a good client of mine turned me on tosomebooks and tapes on selling. In a nutshell, I quickly learned humanbehavioras it relates to making buying decisions, and what I discoveredwasthat it's really not about selling at all. Getting people to buyintoyour training programs is really about YOU becoming the assistantbuyer,their trusted advisor.

See,most of the time when a potential client is sitting across from youit'sbecause they're in pain. Not physical pain, but emotional pain. They'relookingto you for a solution.

Thepain might be the fact that their clothes no longer fit right, theirspousedoesn't find them attractive anymore, or maybe they've finallyreacheda number on the scale that they never thought they'd reach.Whateverit is, I can assure you that 99 times out of 100, it has nothingtodo with muscular imbalance.

Thetruth is that people buy personal training because of their wants,nottheir needs. They may NEED to lose weight, or increase flexibilityorbuild a stronger core, but in the end, the reason they'll buy from youisbecause you have the solution to their pain.

They'llbuy because you addressed their wants, which for most peopleisfocused on fat loss, weight loss and looking fit.

Ifyou want an unfair advantage at converting prospects into payingclients,I recommend you practice and perfect using the following fivefactorsof selling fitness:


  • Establish rapport and make sure your prospect feels totally at ease.
  • Clearly identify their wants by asking open-ended questions and getting to the pain of the matter. Find out the REAL reason they're in front of you.
  • Position yourself and your service as the solution to their problem.
  • Establish credibility and authority by using a lot of social proof elements and third party validation. Testimonials say a lot more about you than you could ever say about yourself.
  • Bring passion and enthusiasm each and every time. Everyone is attracted to people who are passionate and enthusiastic.


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