I believe in adding onvalue rather than cutting my price. Like you, Icharge a fair price formy services and give clients every penny's worth.Communicating that valueto a prospect is easy when they are almostready to sign. Adding onan unexpected, unpublicized product or servicerelated to the one theyare looking at purchasing can clinch the deal.

How do you communicatethat value to a prospect who is sittingon the fence and tellingyou that price is the only reason they haven'tsigned the deal yet?Obviously, price is not the only factor, or theywould be gone. There issomething else they haven't said.

Many prospects who don'tsign are weighing pros and cons. Do youknow what those pros andcons are? If not, ask them. They have already determinedthey NEED this program,or at least something like it. They knowthe cost/benefit ratio.They DESIRE the results this program will give them.

Yet they still sit onthe fence. What is their unspoken obstacle? Deepin the recesses of theirmind and their heart, they know they will notcommit. They know theywill probably not follow through. At the veryleast, they have doubtsabout their performance, not yours.

Explore their pros andcons with them. Most people will not readilyor easily admit to theirlack of true commitment. They will acknowledge,however, their busyschedules, multiple commitments and possible interferenceswith their attendance inyour program. They will acknowledgetight finances and manyother factors surrounding the main issue.

Have them picture theirlife after participation in your program.Help them verbalize it.Then ask what they need to get there.

If they are looking forweight loss, you can share studies, show howthe people who keptdaily food diaries lost twice the weight or morecompared with those whodid not keep records. If they lean forward ortheir eyes widen, youknow you have hit close to home.

You have given themtangible information on a course of successthey know they can do.They know they can write down theirfood, whereas they arenot sure they will go to your gym or studio asscheduled. They mayrealize that this is the one thing that will helpthem over the hump andinto the groove. The bottom line is thatit's not just a productor service you are providing, but a means ofachieving sustainableaccountability.

Don't sell yourselfshort. Add something of value that will help themfeel more capable intheir quest for success. Do we have a deal?

GregJustice, MA, CPT, is the founder of AYC Health&Fitness (www.aycfit.com) and the Corporate BootCampSystem (www.corporatebootcampsystem.com).He hasbeen actively involved in the fitness industryformore than a quarter of a century as a club manager,owner,personal trainer and corporate wellnesssupervisor.