June 1 2009
When most of us hear "test," we don't associate it with very many positive things. Testing means performance anxiety, being judged and the very real and quantifi able opportunity for failure.That's why... View More
May 28 2009
Imagine how successful you would be - as a trainer, spouse, parent, employee, business owner and friend - if you gave everyone who walked into the room as much genuine enthusiasm and love as your dog gives... View More
May 27 2009
There are many kinds of personal trainers. We all have our specialties and our favorite clients to train. We also all have unique career aspirations and goals for our businesses and our lives. Some personal... View More
May 26 2009
Nothing beats free marketing. And when it's great marketing and it's free - well, that's something worth sharing with the entire industry.The Internet has really served the fitness industry well.... View More
May 13 2009
So often, we give much thought to who we want to train. Books, conference speakers and industry gurus tell us to determine our ideal client and then direct all marketing toward them. Good advice for sure;... View More
April 28 2009
Let's start with the textbook definition of positioning: Positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their targets. Ok, not bad. But why is that important... View More
April 27 2009
Deciding whether to franchise or go solo with regards to boot camps isn't quite as easy as choosing an ice cream flavor. Lucky for you, a feature to help you make this decison is now available exclusively... View More
April 23 2009
If you're like me, you get bombarded with information on the latest and greatest in training - dos and don'ts, how to make more money, how to maximize your time, how to place better ads, how to sell better,... View More
April 18 2009
I sought out to investigate the revenue and profit potential of online personal training programs. You know, those online personal training services that promise to broaden your market base and increase... View More
April 8 2009
If you are a trainer with aspirations of growing your business beyond the limitations of you own production with clients, adopting the mindset of a CEO is critical. I'm of the belief that your business... View More
April 8 2009
One of the most valuable skills you can have is the ability to react professionally on the fly. In appointment-driven businesses like ours, there is always the potential for confusion and misunderstandings,... View More
March 26 2009
Returning from IHRSA 2009 in San Francisco, I must admit that best advice was from author and marketing expert Seth Godin. Author of several best-selling books, including Purple Cow, Godin said... View More
March 25 2009
I hate using the "R" word. It's almost as if the more times you say it, the more power to it you give. By definition, however, our country is in a recession. We've had several quarters of negative growth,... View More
March 11 2009
As an eternal athlete, I often think of life in terms of playing offense and defense. Like a basketball player, one must be good at both to succeed. Take your finances, for instance. It’s smart to... View More
March 9 2009
Before you proceed with your idea, you need to consider whether to pursue a patent or not. Make sure you do not show anyone your idea! If you do decide to apply, this may violate your patent. There are... View More
March 5 2009
Harvard Business School has been studying the difference in success for people of similar backgrounds for over 30 years. Their studies find that three percent of people are successful, 30% are moderately... View More
March 5 2009
Things are getting a little sticky, aren't they? The economy will probably get worse before it gets better, and people aren't exactly tripping over themselves to spend money on trainers lately. To most... View More
March 5 2009
If you employ trainers, eventually the question arises: "Should I provide them with continuing education, or should I expect that they find it on their own" Regardless of whether your trainers are independent... View More
Feb. 26 2009
It's an unwritten rule among fitness pros that one should never "correct" another in front of a client. Egos are tweaked, glares are exchanged, and the relationship between colleagues can quickly head... View More
Jan. 29 2009
A good trainer serves the client well during the workout, a great trainer serves the client well before, during and after the workout, but an extraordinary trainer does all that and makes such an impact... View More