So often, we give much thought to who we want to train. Books, conference speakers and industry gurus tell us to determine our ideal client and then direct all marketing toward them.
Good advice for sure; however, sometimes your ideal client can arrive when you’re not looking. My husband Louis (a certified trainer who has up until now served our company mostly from a business end) and I have been co-training an eight-year-old girl who was hit while riding with her mom by a drunk driver. At the age of four, she suffered a spinal cord injury that left her a paraplegic. She has done all the rehab she can, and doctors say there was nothing more to do. Her parents think differently and came to us.
Inspired by this hard-working, sweet little girl that want nothing more than to have the movement so many Americans take for granted, Louis is now pursuing a certification through a world-renowned California company that has developed techniques solely for clients with spinal cord injuries.
Sometimes your niche finds you… when service is your primary purpose.


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