March 17 2008
Your clients love you. You have all the necessary degrees and certifications. You have experience with special populations. So why isn't every doctor in your zip code referring you clients every single... View More
March 17 2008
There's an old saying that you can get it cheap, fast and high-quality, as long as you pick any two of the three. But with new guerilla marketing techniques, you can truly have it all. What Is Guerilla... View More
March 7 2008
Competition is a good thing. No, there is no typo in this statement. I did not forget the not. I firmly believe that competition in business is a good thing and that it can greatly benefit your business.... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Human beings are social creatures, and many of us require motivation from others before embarking on a successful weight loss regimen or a fitness contest — it is extremely easy to give in or give... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Finding quality employees is a major concern across all sectors of business. In 1999, futurists predicted that a labor force shortage would become a crisis in the US by 2010. We are only in 2008,... View More
Feb. 12 2008
Athletes at all levels of competition continue to search intently for nutritional strategies, which may confer athletic performance and recovery benefits. We are operating in an era of unprecedented... View More
Jan. 14 2008
Thanks to today's relatively cheap technology, every fitness expert has the potential to be an online celebrity. From YouTube videos to blogs, you have the opportunity to be discovered by countless potential... View More
Jan. 14 2008
We all know that member retention is one of the keys to a successful club. The difficult part is how to keeping your members from going to the newer, bigger club down the street. The truth is they don't... View More
Jan. 9 2008
The goal of all local marketing initiatives — and the goal of this article — is to help you drive in new business. So how can small businesses avoid the common local marketing pitfalls that... View More
Dec. 18 2007
As personal trainers, were very used to the one-on-one relationship, but the minute we hang a sign outside our own training studio or gym, things change. Trying to go it alone isnt just lonely it can be... View More
Nov. 16 2007
Two years ago, as I sat waiting for a doctor's appointment, I did what most people do: I picked up the magazine from the top of the pile and settled in for my typically long wait. I had very little interest... View More
Nov. 16 2007
If you're looking to hire a nice, cheery person to neatly put things in boxes and stick shipping labels on packages, you run an ad, conduct a few interviews and hire the best candidate. It's easy. ... View More
Nov. 16 2007
Note to readers: extended content is in teal. A fellow trainer and studio owner recently asked me to review a marketing piece he created that was generating dismal results. The piece was meant... View More
Nov. 16 2007
Think of some the most recent personal training ads you've seen. Chances are, they are dense with copy, promising "muscular hypertrophy" and topped with a bicep-flexing photo of the shirtless trainer.... View More
Nov. 14 2007
A successful personal training business requires trust and respect between the client and the trainer. Similarly, the relationships between the trainers and the training business employing them must... View More
Nov. 7 2007
A Similar PhenomenonIn 1911, researchers begin taking special interest in a horse owned by a German mathematician named Von Osten. The horse, aptly named Clever Hans, was reported to able to count, add,... View More
Nov. 7 2007
One of the biggest mistakes fitness experts make is failing to stay in contact with their clients and prospects. And even when they do send newsletters to their list, most trainers make serious mistakes... View More
Oct. 10 2007
When looking at improving your business, your net profit is absolutely critical, as it determines the fiscal success of your business. Obviously, net profit is when you take all your revenue generated... View More
Sept. 26 2007
The personal training industry has more than doubled in recent years. New gyms, studios, franchise business models and countless other opportunities are available to personal trainers today. With so many... View More
Sept. 24 2007
Being fitness entrepreneurs, whether as studio owners, mangers or independent trainers, we all want to achieve record-setting profits in our personal training businesses. Many people think that by bringing... View More