As an eternal athlete, I often think of life in terms of playing offense and defense. Like a basketball player, one must be good at both to succeed. Take your finances, for instance. It’s smart to maximize your income by leveraging what you can earn by training groups, having multiple profit centers and becoming an expert so that your hourly rate increases. That’s your offense. Saving money by always paying yourself first, putting money away so that you have a healthy cash reserve and avoiding debt creates an impenetrable financial defense.
You can apply the same ideas to building your business. You should always be engaged in proactive marketing - speaking, writing, advertising, networking, etc. That’s your client-generation offense. You should also be equally concerned with client retention - making sure every client is thrilled by the service you provide every session they are with you. That’s your defense.
It’s really that simple. Play both offense and defense and your career will be a slam dunk!