Imagine how successful you would be - as a trainer, spouse, parent, employee, business owner and friend - if you gave everyone who walked into the room as much genuine enthusiasm and love as your dog gives you.

Panting, wagging, jumping, spinning, maybe even wetting (okay, we'll forget that one!), your dog shows you every time you walk through the door that no one in the world matters more. My dog says "Harooo... roo!" to us every afternoon, completely filling my heart with joy.

Perhaps we should learn a lesson from our four-legged friends. It isn't always about our words, our knowledge, our skills or our facades. Pure enthusiasm is the quickest way to win friends, clients and comrades for life. In a business dependent upon relationships, acting like a dog may be the quickest way to success.


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?