Sept. 23 2008
The formula for success for just about any business or endeavor invariably includes the word "consistent" somewhere in the recipe. As a fitness professional, you tout the absolute necessity of consistency... View More
Sept. 23 2008 Bored with the mainstream clientele of 78 million baby boomers, many trainers are looking for something more in their training profession to challenge them. A new wave of training specialist... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Editor's note: This article is part 2 of a series outlining steps and concepts for those with the desire to tackle the youth obesity epidemic. [... View More
Sept. 15 2008
In some instances, post-rehab professionals are able to obtain insurance reimbursement for post-rehab services, but its not easy. There is a criteria the client must meet to have a chance for reimbursement: 1. ... View More
Sept. 8 2008
Standing out in the fitness industry today is a must, if you want to make fitness a full-time career. So many young trainers get into the industry assuming they will be successful financially simply because... View More
Aug. 21 2008
Retaining and attracting clients today requires more than superior client training sessions or a state-of-the-art studio. To stand out from your competition, you must utilize advanced online technology... View More
Aug. 21 2008
Receiving referrals from physicians not only improves your fitness business, it also helps you build credibility and respect throughout your community. However, not all physicians will be ready and willing... View More
Aug. 13 2008
Why Your Website's Appearance Matters — But Less Than You Think By Lynn VanDyke There are many components to a website. Here are a few examples: 1) Design —... View More
Aug. 6 2008
Have you ever noticed the way your body just loosens up when your favorite song comes on? It doesn't matter if you're in the car or cleaning the house, you just feel compelled to move it! It works the... View More
July 14 2008
The phone rings at headquarters. I answer the call with my usual greeting: "Hello, this is Lynn VanDyke. How can I help you?" "Hi, Lynn. I'm Bob, a personal trainer in Missouri,... View More
July 11 2008
Blogs are the perfect tool for fitness professionals who want to get started making money on the Internet. First, you can start a blog for free, and second, they are easy to use and require no special... View More
July 11 2008
When I was first asked to write a piece about online marketing for fitness professionals, it seemed easy enough. I mean, that's what I do for a living, right? I consult with personal trainers and others... View More
July 11 2008
With the growing number of personal trainers and gym facilities, establishing your services as superior and more unique than your competitors' is a vital need. This is especially true for the single trainer... View More
June 13 2008
It's one thing to whip up workout after workout for your clients. It's another to own and operate a fitness business. Creating the vision, raising money, finding the location, building out the space, branding,... View More
June 13 2008
Personal trainers are experts in developing workouts that work, but creating ads is a whole different skill set that most trainers learn by trial and error and at a high cost of time and dollars. Are you... View More
June 2 2008
Have you ever walked into a health club and noticed immediately that everything seemed to flow perfectly, that every single employee you encountered seemed to know their job inside and out and could perform... View More
April 22 2008
There are three distinct areas of exercise as it relates to health care and reimbursement. Most trainers and fitness professionals are aware of cardiac rehab, which actually began in the US in the 1960s... View More
April 21 2008
With everyone from Oprah to infomercials touting how quickly boot camps can whip participants into shape, camps are popping up in Everytown, USA, quicker than fast food restaurants. The opportunity to... View More
April 21 2008
If you're a studio or gym owner, chances are you started your career working as a trainer for someone else. You obeyed their rules, until you decided that you could do it better. Then, with starry... View More
March 25 2008
Today, more and more physical therapists, rehab patients, baby boomers, celebrities, pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts are recognizing the benefits of Pilates. Mind-body fitness is inundating the fitness... View More