Taking the leap from personal trainer to business owner can be daunting. For many ambitious fitness professionals, the biggest hindrance to long-term success is not a lack of passion, rather a lack of fundamental business acumen. While there is a plethora of resources for aspiring business owners, reliable information that is directly relevant to starting and successfully running a business in the fitness industry is sparse. Enter Mark Nutting, who, for over 37 years, has experience in nearly every corner of the industry from independent training, to gym management, to opening and operating a studio. His new book, The Business of Personal Training, is an all-in-one resource for fitness professionals starting or operating a business. The book is organized in a way that walks the reader step-by-step on every important aspect of owning and operating a business. There are several pages dedicated to resources, templates and forms needed for nearly everything a business owner will from start-up to expansion. As the saying goes, “you don’t know, what you don’t know;” Nutting addresses nearly every aspect of business from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. The Business of Personal Training will soon be the most reliable resource for fitness professionals looking for long-term success as business owners in the industry.

The Business of Personal Training is available at www.humankinetics.com.