World-renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot recently released a beautifully crafted resource of information and inspiration, A Journey into Yin Yoga. Whether you are familiar with yin yoga or a yoga novice, this guidebook is a fantastic and contemporary approach to understanding the practice and benefits of yin yoga – a practice of passive yoga to target the deep connective tissues primarily of the hips, pelvis and lower spine along with stress-relief, improved focus, and a better sense of well-being. Eliot’s book truly takes the reader on a journey; he weaves interviews of individuals, athletes, doctors and celebrities who have discovered the benefits of yin yoga. The images and descriptions of yin poses and sequences are beautifully designed and easy to follow. From the standpoint of a fitness professional, the science and evidence-based information included adds tremendous value. Be informed and be inspired with this wonderfully unique addition to your collection.

A Journey into Yin Yoga is available at Human Kinetics