With a goal of simplifying exercise and to more effectively perform movements, Ryan George has compiled a user-friendly guide, Freeweight Training Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used while Exercising with Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells and More. With over 300 full-color exercise photos and more than 100 anatomy illustrations, the book is organized to show how to target specific muscles through specific exercises. With a deeper understanding of what muscles are the primary and assistant movers, an exerciser can more effectively perform movements and likely yield greater results. Freeweight Training Anatomy is a great tool for fitness professionals to utilize in program creation and as a modality to educate clients; particularly those who are visual learners. If you’re to add to your reference collection, Freeweight Training Anatomy will make an ideal addition.

Freeweight Training Anatomy is available on Amazon.com.