Aug. 23 2007
Positive psychology, simply stated, is the science of strengths and positive characteristics. It is, in fact, a relatively new field, being officially established by renowned psychologist and former American... View More
July 18 2007
As fitness and wellness professionals, many have worked hundreds of hours to hone their craft and have spent significant dollars to receive the education and certifications to allow them to positively... View More
July 18 2007
For most fitness professionals, prenatal exercise is a topic covered by eight to 10 bullet points in the final chapter of their certification... View More
June 14 2007
What would happen if fitness and wellness professionals stopped selling their services and, instead, concentrated on helping their clients clarify the value of training? Would your individual fitness and... View More
April 24 2007
Few people have the experience of really being listened to. So it is truly a gift when it happens. As experts in our field, it could probably be said that we spend very little time listening and most of... View More
March 26 2007
Transitioning to coaching certainly does not happen overnight. Really, it takes practice to learn how to balance your skills and expertise as a fitness professional with those involved in the coaching... View More
March 26 2007
Blind Mount Everest climber Eric Weihenmayer lost his eye sight at the age of 13 and in his early 30s, voluntarily had his eyes removed and replaced with glass eyes so that eye tissue sensitivity would... View More
Feb. 22 2007
As a fitness professional, you teach your clients to live a healthy life, one day at a time, one choice at a time. However, it is important to remind them that their efforts are about making progress,... View More
Jan. 16 2007
The first installment of our Coaching series discusses the importance of coaching and how it is essential in improving your professional life as well as that of your clients. While most people long... View More