Gone are the days of boxing programs that were only made for men and women who were training for a match. Now more than ever, women are turning to boxing programs as way to stay fit and get in shape.

What makes boxing so appealing among women is that it provides a fun, stress-relieving, fat-blasting, total body workout that can be done in a short amount of time. I’ve utilized boxing for years as part of my clients’ fitness programs to deliver a complete program that has produced amazing results.
One of the reasons boxing is such an effective workout is that it utilizes every major muscle group while simultaneously burning upwards of 800 calories. I have found that once women are properly introduced to boxing, they stay on longer as clients and thus generated thousands of dollars in current and new referral-based revenue. Can you say “gold mine”?
Boxing can be implemented into virtually any fitness program, and you don’t necessarily need to be certified at boxing to do this. While it is highly recommended that you get certified as a boxing instructor from a respected agency (such as ISCA), you can still incorporate some aspect of it into any fitness program.