Feb. 18 2008
Finding quality employees is a major concern across all sectors of business. In 1999, futurists predicted that a labor force shortage would become a crisis in the US by 2010. We are only in 2008,... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Human beings are social creatures, and many of us require motivation from others before embarking on a successful weight loss regimen or a fitness contest — it is extremely easy to give in or give... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Fitness trade journals report a 50% growth in Pilates from 1999. Both consumers and trainers have been educated by fitness journals, magazines and the standard media hype. Pilates has been touted as the... View More
Feb. 18 2008
If losing weight were easy, two out of three Americans would not be overweight, and one out of three would not be obese. The only thing more difficult than losing weight, though, is not regaining some... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Most fitness professionals not only want to grow but also excel in their chosen fitness field and be recognized for their accomplishments. Being provided with opportunities to develop both professionally... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Let's imagine you begin your first day at a new health club, and you're the personal trainer hired to do the "intake" interviews with all new members. "Hello," you appropriately begin with your first appointment.... View More
Feb. 6 2008
On Mark Mastrovs official last day at 24 Hour Fitness yesterday, the company also let go four additional executives, according to a spokesperson for the company. The departing executives are Tony... View More
Feb. 4 2008
Cutting down on caffeine could help people with the most common form of diabetes (which is closely linked to obesity) better control their blood sugar levels. Giving caffeine to a small group... View More
Sept. 26 2007
The personal training industry has more than doubled in recent years. New gyms, studios, franchise business models and countless other opportunities are available to personal trainers today. With so many... View More


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?