It’s scary to think that technology can replace humans.

At some level (at least let’s hope) nothing will replace human connection. We need it if we plan to thrive as humanity. But, it would be foolish of us to not see the writing on the wall that many things (including fitness) are being done digital, virtual, online, with apps and more.

Our job as smart planners and thinkers is to anticipate the change versus get caught denying reality.

Technology can be our friend versus the foe we fear will put us in the unemployment line.

It will take a little letting go of ego. And a lot of planning to change up how we’ve always done business.

Right now, coming out of a pandemic, you have the opportunity to strategize accordingly, because while it may feel slow or not something to worry about, in the next 3-5 years we will be living in a new world. Let’s be prepared for it!

Here’s a few planning questions to help you get started.

1. What habits, behaviors and everyday practices are my clients adapting to in this new technology-driven world, so I can ‘see into’ their lives and look to be there with the fitness and wellness solutions they need and want?

Ex: People work out at home more now. How am I showing up in their house?
Ex: People use their phones for EVERYTHING now, how am I showing up and accessible there?

2. What ways can I diversify my offers/services using technology so I can add additional revenue streams and build more financial stability?

Ex: Do I have an app? Online courses/coaching programs? If not, how can I start my plan to get those added to my business?

3. Am I an affiliate of any technology services/software/nutrition lines/platforms that my clients need or will be using that I can earn income from?

Ex: Peloton, Beachbody, FitBit, etc. That’s 3 simple places to get started on planning for the future reality that technology will be heavily in the landscape, and only you can make it your friend.

Vito La Fata is the co-creator of The Legacy Brand Creator, Vision In the Vineyards and Fitness Profit Systems. For a free training video on The Simple ‘Legacy Loop’ Formula to Escape Trading Time For Money & Attract High Quality Clients or Patients, visit.