When it comes to online marketing, most fitness business owners are pretty limited in what they choose to do. Typically, they feel like they need to have some sort of regular posting plan on one or two social media platforms, and they deploy some Facebook ads. That’s all.

    There are so many other things that someone can do to connect online with their ideal prospects. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Google Business Profile: Google has replaced the Yellow Pages as the place people go to find solutions and service providers, and they allow you to create a robust local listing for your business. You can augment basic business information with client reviews, answers to questions, pictures from your business and much more to stand out from your local competitors. While most businesses have a profile, few actually build it out to represent their business well.

    2. Client Introductions: We all want more referrals and word of mouth business, but we’re usually pretty limited in how we help our clients introduce us to the other people in their lives. You can ask your clients to share content you create on their social profiles. You can offer a free Facebook Group sharing education and motivation that they can invite friends to join. You can post their successes for others to see so their friends see it and other clients can comment or share.

    3. YouTube: YouTube has become something of an encyclopedia for people to learn. Your prospects have questions and search for answers online, often on YouTube. Be the one who answers them. Create a list of the 10-20 most common questions your prospects ask about fitness, weight loss and training programs, then provide the answers. You’ll be making a good first impression by being both knowledgeable and helpful.

    4. Networking: It is social media, right? Use platforms to engage in two-way conversations instead of simply making posts. Comment on other’s posts. Engage with people who comment on yours. Using private messaging to answer questions and start conversations. Be social.

    Remember, business is about people and your people are online. Connect with them. Start conversations. Be helpful. Do that and watch your network and business both grow.