The participants in one of our coaching programs recently completed a MyZone Challenge. Using MyZone belts, we connected through the app to follow each other’s workouts and to track our own progress. A healthy amount of “smack talk” transpired between the participants which served to motivate everyone to work a little harder. Ultimately, we felt connected, motivated and challenged… and we also had a lot of fun.

    This is the power of technology in our industry. Whether it be MyZone belts, Apple watches, Fitbits, Peloton, InBody or an endless number of apps designed to do everything from counting calories to delivering exercise programs, the explosion of technology within our industry is astounding. These gadgets keep our clients focused, motivated and on track. They also make it easier for us to connect… and this is where we need to pause for a moment and consider the role of technology in our businesses.

    After all, as personal trainers, we are in a human-to-human business. The relationship between trainers and clients is what guarantees their success. The accountability, the caring touch, the watchful eye of a trainer is what leads the client to keep working and to get better. It isn’t the technology that creates the relationship, it is the people. If we want to grow our business, we need to recognize that it’s the human connection that is fundamental to our success.

    Technology provides us with an array of useful tools. Being able to quantify and track progress is important. A little “smack talk” keeps it fun. And yet, nothing will ever replace the personal connection that happens between trainers and clients. Those relationships are the core foundation of our client’s success. As you consider the role of technology in your business, remember this: technology is useful, but it can never replace the personal relationships you build with your clients.

    Kelli Watson is a best-selling author, coach and presenter. She coaches fitness professionals and business executives through the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and the Todd Durkin IMPACT Coaching Program. In 2017, she co-founded Scriptor Publishing Group, a publishing company dedicated to helping people share their stories and publish their books. With more than 15 years of industry experience, she specializes in business and personal development, helping fit pros and business owners discover their keys to success. Email