How do you get clients to eat right? That is one of the toughest questions that trainers face throughout their career. As a studio owner and former editor of PFP, I've spoken with countless trainers and know that food compliance is one of their top frustrations.

So I've spent the last year creating the solution. My Diet Angel offers personal weight loss coaching via text messaging to clients, seven days a week. Angel coaches are there, guiding a client toward better food choices, when trainers can't be. It is a service designed -- when paired with personal training -- to get maximum weight loss results for the client... and make the trainer look like a hero. And best of all, the trainer gets a generous referral fee each time they refer a client!

My Diet Angel also reflects the values of most trainers today -- no diet gimmicks, silly supplements, or dangerous drugs are necessary for weight loss. The long term weight loss answer comes from eating clean -- lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains, low fat dairy, seeds and nuts. That is the way we as fitness professionals eat, and that's the way we teach our clients to eat. We know that real food equals real results.

The problem is not always in the education of what to eat, but in getting clients to comply daily. Clients don't like to count calories or points, most meal plans are too restrictive and don't fit with most clients' lifestyles, and getting them to keep a food log (which is almost always inaccurate) is like pulling teeth. Worst of all, trainers (and clients) often feel like when the limited training time is spent discussing food, that the client isn't getting the exercise value out of the session that they deserve.

Sometimes My Diet Angel coaches get better food compliance than trainers because of their relative anonymity. Clients admire their trainers and are often not completely honest with them, because they don't want to disappoint. Case in point, my client named Leslie who started training with me at 476 lbs. After several months, she's got down to 453 but her weight bounced up and down, and I knew if she were eating only what was on her food log, she'd be much further along. I referred her My Diet Angel.

Leslie has reported to her Angel coach many foods she never revealed to me and her Angel coach was able to spot and correct some recurring bad habits that I wasn't able to in the midst of an exercise session. Leslie began losing 5 lbs consistently every week and she still credits me with her weight loss even though her Diet Angel coach made all the difference.

The process is really quite simple. Once a client signs up, they are assigned a personal weight loss coach. The client sends a text message detailing what they eat, each time they eat, to their Angel coach. The message is translated from a text message into an email message though My Diet Angel's proprietary software. The message goes into the coach's computer dashboard that houses the client's weight loss goals, all their health information and previous eating trends, and all the coaches comments, to allow the coach a "big picture" view of how that client is doing on a moment-by-moment basis. The coach also helps keep clients accountable to their at-home workouts assigned by their trainer.

Log on to to earn an extra $600 per month or more, just by doing what's in the best interest of your clients!

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