Do you believe that the more you get, the better off you'll be? Or do you believe that the more youcontribute to your team, your gym, your clients -- even when it doesn't seem atto be in your best interest -- that you'll be elevated in the end?

Basically, is it a dog-eat-dog world andyou better get all you can while you can? Or is it a world of karma, where whatgoes around comes around, where you get what you put out?

Unfortunately, I believe the dog-eat-dogmentality is the most prevalent in the training community. We believe there isa limited amount of money, a limited amount of clients and if the next trainergets a good-paying client, that means there is less for us.

But I've seen in running a trainingbusiness that it is always the "One for All" trainer, the one who goes out of herway to help her clients and co-workers that ends up with the most clients, the biggestpaycheck and the most satisfaction.

It's always better to build a team ofpeople who have your back, because you have theirs, then trying to go at it alone.