I've been battling an out-of-alignment hip, which made itself known through shooting knee pain late in a 14-mile run. This injury, where my right hip was higher than my left, has plagued me for more than a month now, disrupting my workouts, eliminating my runs and slowing down my fast-paced life. Massages, chiropractic adjustments and some corrective exercise have helped, but mostly I think that good old-fashioned time off has rendered the biggest benefit.

This injury has served as a good reminder -- sometimes the best thing for our clients who have a nagging pain that won't let go is a little time off. Since we make our money based on training clients, that’s a hard thing to admit. We want them to keep moving forward toward their goals, and we've reserved that spot in our schedule for them. If they don't come, will that weight creep back on them while you’re cleaning equipment during their training time? 

We must always keep in mind what's best for the client. And often, in this situation, the solution is rest. Full recovery. All exercise reduced to its simplest form -- like walking. And when you recommend recovery and healing to your client, you prove that their good health is your only intention. Your client will return healthy, healed, rejuvenated and even more loyal... which works well for both of you!