Our clients rely on us to hold them accountable. In fact, that'sprobably the most critical part of our jobs, because if clients aren'taccountable to their goals, chances are they won't succeed.

Which begs the question, who holds you accountable? As a growing andsuccess-oriented professional, you have goals. Who in your life makes sure youwork toward those goals -- daily and tirelessly? Do you have a coach? A kindred-spirit co-worker? A forward-thinking boss? Any of these people can beinstrumental in ensuring that your 2011 is everything you deserve.

It's best not to involve spouses, girl/boyfriends or friends,however. As you've seen with yourclients and their family and friends, those people who are close in your lifeoften want to be your buddy or your partner in crime more than youraccountability. Putting them in a role where they will most likely have to saysomething uncomfortable to you to keep you on track generally fostersresentment rather than success.