During a client session, have you everconsidered that your body language may be giving signals to the client that youare unaware of? Here are a few things to consider to keep you body languageconsistent with the motivational language you speak:

  • Eye contact. Are you making good eye contact throughout the session? Or are you looking around the gym to see who else is there?
  • Arm movement. What are your arms doing? Are they folded ("I'm bored") or tucked behind your back ("I'm interested")?
  • Positioning. Are you standing in a manner that is open and welcoming, yet strong and confident? Or are you leaning on the equipment, as if bored and tired? Is your posture upright and healthy, or is the chest too far out, looking arrogant and belittling, or are the shoulders rounded, looking sheepish?

  • Facial expressions. Are you smiling, or holding back a yawn? Are you showing interest or do you look like you're a million miles away? What does your face say to the client?
  • Gaze. Are you checking yourself out in the gym mirrors or glancing up often at the clock? Or do you keep you focus on your clients, letting them know by your body language that their session is totally about them?