Consumers are more aware than ever of the myriad options available to reach their fitness goals. The difference now is they are no longer simply looking for the newest cardio equipment or decked-out locker rooms with free towel service; they are looking for a fitness experience. Avid and aspiring fitness fanatics are looking at opportunities to incorporate fitness in their lives in a whole new way. Clients want to ignite their inner athlete and train for adventure fitness events like mud runs and obstacle races. They want to exercise outdoors, in parks and warehouses with tires, ropes and Russian kettlebells. There is a movement to create fitness communities by connecting members through social media, live events and membership websites. Getting fit is no longer a journey a client must embark on alone and there certainly is no longer a conventional way of getting fit.

Our goal in this issue of PFP is to inspire you to look beyond the four walls of your gyms, studios and training centers and focus on your clients’ experience. The beauty of being a fitness professional, and much of the reason why many of us chose this profession, is that the core of what we do is serving others; we offer a truly personal service. You have the opportunity to create a client experience that is uniquely yours, without being confined by the walls of a gym.

There are more possibilities than ever to give your clients a truly exceptional experience ...

- Joe Vennare highlights how to get clients excited about the trend in obstacle course racing. 
- Think you have the next great fitness franchise concept or thinking about becoming a franchisee? Daniella Cippitelli Abruzzo outlines the pros and cons of fitness franchises (she is also our inspiration for this issue's Journey to Success feature). 
- As spring rolls in, don't forget to reinvigorate your workouts and enjoy the outdoors; Alicia Streger and Carrie Kukuda share three new workouts with you.

Go ahead and take a risk; look outside of the gym walls for new inspiration. Tap into your creativity to discover how you best resonate with your clients as you continue striving to give them an exceptional experience they can't get from anyone else.

Committed to your success,
Lindsay Vastola