July 1 2013
Pectoralis minor tightness coupled with poor scapular control often leads to postural dysfunction and shoulder problems. Improving scapular stabilizer activation and shoulder alignment will reduce rotator... View More
June 15 2013
In the February 2013 Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy the sidestep with resistance ranked second on the list. In particular, this exercise had one of the lowest TFL activations thereby... View More
June 15 2013
The snow is gone. Spring has sprung, summer is quickly approaching if you are in the south like myself we are starting to feel the full impact of summer and you know what that means for many of our... View More
June 1 2013
Weakness in the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius is often cited in contributing to patellofemoral pain, IT band problems, hip pathology and even back pain. Furthermore, activating the glutes and minimizing... View More
May 9 2013
If your clients are anything like mine they are inquisitive and ask a ton of questions. This, of course, is a good thing because it shows they are engaged in their own training (if you aren’t a parent... View More
May 9 2013
Tightness in the hip flexors, especially the iliopsoas, can have a negative impact on the lumbar spine and pelvic motion. Excessive tightness creates undue stress and shear force on the lumbar spine particularly... View More
May 1 2013
In many cases, shoulder dysfunction and pain are tied to weakness in the scapular stabilizing musculature. The serratus anterior is an integral part of the force couple working with the upper and... View More
April 14 2013
In last month’s article, "Starting Off On The Right Foot," I wrote about the importance of using a set of tools that would streamline your approach to training sessions, while giving you a scientific... View More
April 14 2013
Assessing anti-rotation pillar strength is important prior to loading clients’ spines with torsional activity. From a tall plank position, you can assess torsional control by observing this test/exercise.... View More
Standing Pec STM (I)
April 1 2013
Tightness in the chest is a common issue that negatively impacts posture and may contribute to shoulder impingement and dysfunction. In this column, I will reveal how using a compression technique in combination... View More
Unstable Plank with Sliding Hip Flexion (BT start)
March 15 2013
In a previous column, I addressed a tall static plank with sliding hip flexion. In this column, I am expanding on that concept with the use of the BOSU Ballast Ball and BOSU Balance Trainer. Developing... View More
March 15 2013
Trainers, like anyone else, are creatures of habit. So it's not surprising that we can get stuck in the proverbial rut of doing the same tasks over and over again without even thinking (motor learning),... View More
Unstable Lateral Step-Overs (start)
March 1 2013
In the previous column, I reviewed unstable upper body step-ups. This column expands on the column featuring unstable upper body step-ups using the BOSU Balance Trainer. Similar to lower body exercise... View More
Unstable UE Step-up (Start)
Feb. 15 2013
Performing closed chain shoulder exercises is an integral part of training shoulder stability and promoting optimal scapular muscle control. In addition, it provides an opportunity to challenge the stability... View More
Feb. 10 2013
Now that 2013 is in full swing, you should be experiencing a surge in your momentum as a direct result of the amount of goal setting and planning you did last year in preparation for this year. Established... View More
Feb. 1 2013
In the last column, I reviewed an exercise for the serratus anterior designed to improve scapular stability. I am continuing with another great elastic shoulder strengthening exercise. Many people are... View More
T-Band Serratus Push-up (top)
Jan. 15 2013
Maintaining healthy shoulders is vital for successful and long term resistance training. Over time, normal wear and tear as well repetitive use can cause shoulder dysfunction. Optimizing scapular stabilizer... View More
Jan. 10 2013
The start of any New Year brings with it renewed hope, energy and the ever present myriad of resolutions by which we pledge to do more, do better and live our lives with more determination. As business... View More
Tall Plank w Sliding Hip Flexion (start)
Jan. 1 2013
Building pillar strength is important for clients and athletes alike. Specifically, improving anterior rotational stability is important for optimizing movement patterns and reducing injury risk. Execution:... View More
Dec. 15 2012
In order to meet the goals, needs, and demands of each person that will walk through our doors we must have a solid understanding and complete mastery of the Nine Governing Principles of Exercise Science.... View More