July 18 2007
For most fitness professionals, prenatal exercise is a topic covered by eight to 10 bullet points in the final chapter of their certification... View More
Feb. 22 2007
In today's world, there is an increasing awareness of how sedentary lifestyles and poor nutritional habits affect our children's overall health and wellness. As fitness professionals, we are aware that... View More
Jan. 16 2007
Americans are enjoying physical activity in record numbers, and it's no surprise that physical injuries are on the rise as well. Lower extremity injuries, including those to the hip, knee, foot and ankle,... View More
Sept. 20 2006
Participants in youth sports and recreational activities number in the millions across the country. Every field, court and gym in every city throughout America is filled with kids playing a variety of... View More
Sept. 20 2006
Much attention is focused on baby boomers and their fitness and wellness needs, as they are the first generation of Americans who have grown up exercising. In fact, boomers are joining health clubs at... View More