Jan. 1 2017
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Dec. 15 2016
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Dec. 2 2016
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Nov. 2 2016
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Nov. 1 2016
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Nov. 1 2016
Understanding the business of fitness is becoming more and more important for success in the industry, requiring an education that extends in an area far different than exercise physiology, programmin
Nov. 1 2016
In 1986, fresh out of graduate school, with $40 and a new pair of shoes, I started my business, At Your Convenience Personal Fitness Training; it was Kansas City’s original personal training center
Nov. 1 2016
If you saw a sign with a picture of a horse that said: THE WORLD’S ONLY TALKING HORSE! FREE VIEWING AND CONVERSATION WITH THE HORSE ON MAIN STREET AT NOON ON SUNDAY! Would you stop and notice?
Nov. 1 2016
Receiving notice of a tax audit by the IRS is a nightmarish notion. As the daughter of an accountant, I was raised to look at this differently. If your taxes are in order and you have the proper docum
Nov. 1 2016
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Oct. 2 2016
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Sept. 2 2016
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Aug. 2 2016
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July 2 2016
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July 1 2016
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June 2 2016
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May 2 2016
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April 2 2016
Your Time is NOW is a short compilation of motivational vignettes that will give perspective to anyone facing any challenge, to remember that your time is NOW... View More
March 2 2016
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Feb. 2 2016
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