I’m always looking for a great book with tangible takeaways I can apply to my training, business or personal development. I’ve found the best book recommendations have always come from people I would consider of like-mind and generally focused on similar goals and values. So, I took it to our Facebook community of fitness professionals to see what books are on the top of their bookshelves, and as expected, the response was overwhelming! I pulled-out ten books focused on business and development (not in any particular order); more lists to come! Feel free to comment below with the most influential business books on your list.

    1. E-Myth / E-Myth Mastery

    By Michael Gerber

    2. Traction

    By Gino Wickman

    3. Profit First

    By Mike Michalowicz

    4. Start with Why

    By Simon Sinek

    5. The Compound Effect

    by Darren Hardy

    6. 10X

    By Grant Cardone

    7. High Performance Habits

    By Brendon Burchard

    8. The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business
    By Josh Kaufman

    9. Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

    By Tony Hsieh

    10. The Business of Personal Training

    By Mark Nutting

    This certainly doesn’t cover everything, but a great start. Do you have a book suggestion to add to the list? Share below!