It is easy to become overwhelmed by the daily administrative tasks of owning your own business. The typical business owner spends a majority of their time doing 95% of the tasks that have the least impact on their business.

The successful entrepreneur focuses entirely on the top 5% of tasks that directly impacts her revenues and growth because she has implemented reliable systems.

Here is the difference:

A business owner manages "transactions” and processes the mechanics necessary to maintain a business. A business owner focuses on:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Marketing/advertising necessary to promote the services offered
  • Finding new leads, having new client conversations and closing sales
  • Business management tasks (staff management, studio/facility management, etc.)

An entrepreneur has the insight to see beyond the transactions of the business (while understanding these business management skills are necessary) and seeks opportunities to create, build and grow an idea.

Here are ten actions to consider for successful entrepreneurship in fitness:

  • Focus on the long-term vision and greater purpose of the business.
  • Don’t stray from the top 5% of critical tasks that have a direct impact on revenue and the growth of business that you, and only you, can do.
  • Always seek to leverage opportunities.
  • Take feedback, both positive and negative, as a gift.
  • Cultivate strategic relationships and synergistic partnerships that will benefit the business.
  • Always be learning how to improve your leadership skills.
  • Create, implement and adjust as necessary effective systems in order to delegate and lead your team effectively.
  • Take risks.
  • Be self-aware of your tendencies and general habits; this will help you manage business challenges and obstacles more effectively.
  • Know your strengths, and perhaps more important, know your weaknesses. You’re far more likely to have sustainable success when your business aligns with your strengths.

Consider taking some time to reflect on your long-term vision of your career. Do you want to own and operate a successful business (an ideal option for many), or do you want to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and take your idea from a thought to endless opportunity?