As fitness professionals, part of our job description is to motivate and inspire our clients to discover their best inner and outer self. But what happens when you, as the motivator, need motivating? Inevitably, there will be times in your career where it will be difficult to muster the stamina to move through obstacles or to stay engaged and excited.

What defines us, arguably, and what is inextricably tied to our success, is not how great we are when things are going our way; rather it is our ability to be resilient in times of adversity. Self-motivation is a skill that requires consistent practice and training of the mind. Athletes use tools, strategies and rituals to get out of a slump; as a success-driven professional, your approach should be no different.

Here are three strategies you may find help get you (and keep you) motivated:

Find a coach, colleague or group who will keep you accountable. The most valuable people to have in your corner are those who know your potential, push you to expect more of yourself and hold you accountable. Many of us are surrounded by clients or a community who may praise the great things you do, but finding an honest coach, partner or group who will challenge you to be greater is of significant value personally and professionally.

Keep a goal or vision board/book. A US News & World Report showed that 44% of people who wrote down their New Year's resolution achieved their resolution versus only 4% of those who did not write it down. When you're lacking self-motivation, it's not just the reminder of your written goal that will help motivate you, it is the plan you have created to achieve it. Breaking your goal into small, actionable steps will create momentum; positive actions begets positive action which is a perfect way to regain your motivation.

Take a break. Get out. Get away. I always underestimated the power of vacation. But just as our body needs rest and recovery, so does our mind. Give yourself permission to step away, take a break and come back with a fresh perspective; it may be the exact remedy for your ailing motivation.

Unless you are superhuman, lack of motivation, getting "off-track" or not producing at your top level is expected. These times should be viewed as required for us to learn, grow and ultimately come back more focused and determined. Practice your comeback strategies and your slumps will no longer deter the success you’re bound to achieve.