Aug. 12 2009
As trainers, we get so tired of anything promising to spot-remove fat. However, we know that “lean thighs” or a “flat belly” are terms that clients will continue to buy, regardless... View More
July 8 2009
Now in its third edition, The Triathlete’s Training Bible remains a go-to source for anyone wanting a huge helping of knowledge to accompanying their tri-training. Based on Coach Joe Friel’s... View More
June 10 2009
Already a New York Times bestseller, The End of Overeating is an interesting read about why our clients are so prone to eating more than is good for them.This book examines how food manufacturers discovered... View More
May 13 2009
A tactilely pleasing book (it's sweat-proof!) with a highly functional design, Run Workouts for Runners and Triathletes is a great tool for trainers who coach runners as well as a gift for race- or triathlon-bound... View More
April 8 2009
A thorough read, The Pain-Free Program is a great starting point for any fitness professional who would like to begin delving into the realm of corrective exercise. Written by 2009 PFP Trainer of the Year
March 10 2009
A helpful book for assigning clients workouts they can do at home, Fit in 5 offers up a variety of exercises and quick workouts that can be performed with minimal equipment. Focusing on five-, 10- and... View More
Feb. 10 2009
A great reference for those of us who don't specialize in yoga but want to use bits of it in our training repertoire, Beth Shaw's YogaFit features basic exercises, cuing on getting into the pose, holding... View More
Jan. 14 2009
A testosterone-laden read, this book is great for any trainer who has a client focused primarily on building an amazing chest, back and arms. You won't find many functional exercises, but you will find... View More
Dec. 30 2008
A great gift for clients and a necessary reference for trainers, The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter, 2008 Edition is an easy-to-use guide that quickly answers specific nutrition questions... View More
Dec. 30 2008
You will want to try these recipes for the delicious, nourishing, wholesome goodness. From buckwheat pancakes to southwestern turkey chowder, this book includes whole-grain recipes for everything from... View More
Dec. 30 2008
A quick primer to beginning and progressive kettlebell workouts, The Great Kettlebell Handbook is an easy reference that would be handy to have on any trainer's desk. In about 10 minutes, I pulled several... View More
Dec. 30 2008
As trainers, most of us have worked extensively with BOSUs; however, it's often necessary to incorporate new ideas to the countless BOSU exercises in our repertoire. Get on it! BOSU Balance Trainer offers... View More
Dec. 30 2008
The author of this book has 25 years of experience practicing and teaching whole-foods preparation, internal body detoxification, yoga and meditation. As a certified nutritional counselor, natural foods... View More
Dec. 30 2008
The best thing about this book is how easy it is to use. Loaded with complete workouts for all major sports, along with descriptions and pictures of individual exercises, this is a great reference for... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Dr. Singh presents simple steps for health that elude most of us. This book blends modern science and traditional philosophy for the essentials for mental, physical and spiritual health. This book is an... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Selling Personal Training is a well-rounded primer on how to generate a clientele from the ground up. Written by industry veteran Casey Conrad, this book serves as both a jump-start for new trainers and... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Nancy Clark had been providing us with winning nutrition information for several decades. This book could be considered the "bible" for how to eat for active people. It covers the science of eating for... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Running - as a part of a cardio regimen, interval training or as a sport - is an integral part of any fitness program. So as trainers, we're often confronted with a variety of questions about running,... View More
Dec. 30 2008
This book covers age-appropriate activities and how to successfully set up the environment, equipment and drills so that children enjoy exercise and get the most valuable from their experience. Scott and... View More
Dec. 29 2008
This is a practically written book that addresses and provides solutions to the difficult-to-avoid issues that fitness professionals face in their daily challenges when trying to get results, be productive,... View More