Oct. 1 2016
Building relationships and keeping regular communication with staff members requires as much attention as you give to clients... View More
July 10 2016
As the owner of any gym or studio, the hiring process can make your business prosper or fail... View More
June 10 2016
When it comes to building an epic team, we have to remember that our team is our first client... View More
June 9 2016
The challenges of hiring, firing and leading people are perhaps the most critical to resolve to achieve long-term success... View More
March 25 2015
When the right people are found, the investment of formal fitness education and training is much easier to swallow... View More
Feb. 25 2015
With mistakes come progress and valuable lessons... View More
June 5 2014
Five people struggle to keep the makeshift raft they just built afloat as the waves crash around them. Their raft begins to tip over, when suddenly two castaways plunge into the sea. A third member helps... View More
Aug. 12 2011
(If you missed Part 1 inthe July-August issue of PFP, check it out here)A famousphilosopher once said, "Quality is not an act, it is a habit." Withthat habit of quality, one must "inspect" what they "expect."In... View More
Aug. 1 2011
IN an industry with no state licensure and no trueregulation over certifications, any and everyonecan seemingly become a personal trainer.For most companies, an exercise science degreeis not required and,... View More
Aug. 1 2011
In this millennium, webelieve the companies that are sociallyresponsible will prosper from good will and goodkarma. Together we are changing the paradigm of whatit means to do good business -- really good... View More
Feb. 23 2011
Do you believe that the more you get, the better off you'll be? Or do you believe that the more youcontribute to your team, your gym, your clients -- even when it doesn't seem atto be in your best interest... View More
July 17 2009
Managing a personal training department requires a number of skills, not the least of which is creating and enforcing systems to ensure that results are generated in a reproducible fashion. As the leader... View More
March 5 2009
If you employ trainers, eventually the question arises: "Should I provide them with continuing education, or should I expect that they find it on their own" Regardless of whether your trainers are independent... View More
Jan. 29 2009
As fitness managers, we are reliant upon the efforts of our trainers and staff to make our facilities profitable, our members happy and ensure the success of our club. When asked the secret to his success,... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Why do some teams achieve greatness, while others fail miserably? Remember the 1980 men's US Gold medal Olympic ice hockey team? They competed and won with amateur and collegiate players, while some of... View More
April 21 2008
If you're a studio or gym owner, chances are you started your career working as a trainer for someone else. You obeyed their rules, until you decided that you could do it better. Then, with starry... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Finding quality employees is a major concern across all sectors of business. In 1999, futurists predicted that a labor force shortage would become a crisis in the US by 2010. We are only in 2008,... View More
Nov. 16 2007
If you're looking to hire a nice, cheery person to neatly put things in boxes and stick shipping labels on packages, you run an ad, conduct a few interviews and hire the best candidate. It's easy. ... View More
Nov. 16 2007
After five years as Club Manager, you are promoted to Vice President. Your first task is to fill your position and find someone to manage the club. Do you: · Promote... View More
Nov. 14 2007
A successful personal training business requires trust and respect between the client and the trainer. Similarly, the relationships between the trainers and the training business employing them must... View More