In this millennium, webelieve the companies that are sociallyresponsible will prosper from good will and goodkarma. Together we are changing the paradigm of whatit means to do good business -- really good business. Atthe same time, we see an increase in the public knowledge ofcorporateand big business crime and deceit, and it is my hope that bydoing thingsthe right way, the fitness and yoga industries will prosper.

How do "conscious business" and community servicetranslate to thepublic? As I have learned, community service really needs to bedoneoutside of the office. Conscious business can only be had ifmost or allstaff members actually understand and embrace what your company'smission and vision is about.

Community outreach is critical in my business; we participate inbreast cancer walks and classes and pet adoptions and give freeclasspacks to every organization that asks. We take our communityservicevery seriously -- it is the foundation of our business and what Ibelieveenergetically has helped us grow and prosper.

Along with community service that you lead as a business, youcanencourage your staff to get involved outside of the studio. Forexample,helping seniors in long-term care homes, stressed-out corporateexecutives,cancer patients and survivors, disabled persons, incarceratedpersons,terminally ill persons, children and military servants, just toname a few.By implementing a community service program in your business,it gives your staff and trainees the opportunity to practicetheir teachingskills in a less stressful environment with an appreciativeaudience.As the thousands of letters we receive in our corporate officestate,volunteering time and energy has proven to be the most rewardingexperiencefor many of our staff.

I urge you to take the personal challenge to give back on aregularbasis. Many of these things are not time consuming and simplyinvolvegiving of items you already own or just a small investment ofyour time.Not only will others benefit, but doing good for others will reapthebenefits for you tenfold.

We believe that if everyone in the world gave one hour per weekofcommunity service work, the world be a better place. I know I amonthis planet to help, to heal and to create positive change. Whenonly10% of the U.S. population belongs to a health club, our need togetpeople moving is necessary and offering yoga and fitness in yourcommunityis a gift of the body and the mind.

Beth Shaw, E-RYT, BS, CMT, is the president andfounder of YogaFit. She has been showcased innumerousfitness magazines and shows including Oprah'sO magazine,Time, CNN, NBC and more. Shaw is an animalrights activist and the innovative educatorand entrepreneurresponsible for more than 30 DVDs and CDs.