You’ve gone through the arduous hiring process. Finding that person who is just right for the position you desperately need to fill. They’ve been trained in your systems and are starting to find their way around your business; (hopefully) proving correct your judgment in bringing them on your team.

Now what?

Building relationships and keeping regular communication with staff members requires as much attention as you give to clients. Many managers spend time hiring and training new staff and then fail to do the relationship-building that is most critical for retention, loyalty and staff satisfaction.

After you hire a new staff member, commit to meeting on a regular basis. Start with weekly meetings the first three months of employment, then every 2-3 weeks, then no less than once monthly. Meetings don’t need to be extensive each time, but should serve as a regular touch point to remain engaged in your staff and to continue to reinforce your expectations before it’s too late.

Here are eight questions to ask on a regular basis to stay engaged with your staff and to be sure you’re creating the most effective relationship that is a win-win for you and your business as well as a rewarding experience for your staff. The answers to these questions

1. What skills or knowledge or do you believe you've improved upon since starting?

2. Where do you think you can be stronger or more focused?

3. What do you want to be doing more of?

4. Does anything you're currently doing feel overwhelming, out-of-reach or out of the scope of what you think you are capable of?

5. What talents or skills are you not utilizing here as much as you'd like to be?

6. What support do you need from me?

7. Any thoughts/feedback/suggestions on our workflow, systems, culture?

8. What are your goals/vision for: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

Staying engaged regularly will help them feel appreciated and will provide insight in to their performance, values and potential for your business.