When you’re just getting your fitness business up and running, whether you’re a personal trainer at a big box gym, an at-home travelling trainer or have your own location, the thought of marketing to get new clients can feel overwhelming. Unless you have a background in marketing, you may not know where to begin.

There are seemingly endless marketing options, yet for fitness professionals who may be new to the business realm, it is often the simplest options that can have the greatest impact with little-to-no financial commitment.

Effective marketing is simply the way in which you communicate a service you offer that your ideal client needs to achieve a desired result.

Here are ten simple marketing outlets that require limited (if any) financial commitment and just require consistency, basic savviness, and a willingness to put in time and energy to communicate what you do best.

1. Networking: There is nothing like face-to-face connection to gain visibility and credibility in your local market. Look to your local Chamber of Commerce for networking events. Networking doesn’t have be formal…anytime you have the opportunity to meet someone is the opportunity to share your business!

2. Email marketing: Perhaps one of the most effective ways to nurture the “know, like, and trust” factor with potential clients. Use a simple, cost-effective email platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact to email tips, motivation and information about your services. The key is consistency!

3. Website/blogging: Use a user-friendly service like Wordpress.org or wix.com to build a very simple website with your information. Effective websites don’t need to be complex or require a huge investment.

4. Social media: We all have our profiles…make sure they reflect you and your business accordingly. Explore Facebook advertising where you can determine your demographics and your budget.

5. Referral programs: Reward your clients for referring their friends and get creative with your rewards…interestingly, many people aren’t motivated to refer by financial compensation but by experiences or other incentives!

6. Seminars/workshops: Offer free seminars or workshops either at local businesses or in a creative space where you can showcase what you do best and attract potential clients.

7. Local partners: Think of where your ideal client shops or visits. The local coffee shop? Salon? Physical therapist? Start a dialogue with those potential partners and always come to the table with an offer that will benefit them!

8. Community events: Local health fairs, races, charity events, Girl/Boy Scouts, and the like are always looking for fitness professionals to lead their event warm-ups, to set-up vendor tables or help plan and promote an event. A great opportunity to get in front of large groups of people.

9. Cardboard entry boxes: Ask local businesses if you can put a cardboard entry box in their establishments. Their patrons can fill-out a simple info form in exchange for something you’re offering or as a contest they can win.

10. Lunch & Learns: Get a directory of local businesses from your Chamber of Commerce and offer complimentary seminars during lunch. Be sure to ask the participants to sign-up for your email newsletter (see #2) and follow-up!

If you focus on each of these ten outlets, even just one per month over the next year, imagine the potential for your business growth! Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you focus on simple ways to communicate what you do best to the people you want to serve.