Terri Fox, founder of Terri Fox Fitness in Olathe, Kansas and our May 2017 PFP Trainer of the Month, inspires her clients through her own personal story of challenge and triumph. Here is how Terri is raising the bar for her clients and in the industry…

Business Name: Terri Fox Fitness

Website: www.terrifoxfitness.com

Certifications/qualifications: B.S. in Education, Special Education, M.S. in Education, Special Education, ACE PT, FAS, Pn2, LeBoot, NESTA Wellness Coaching, TRX, Trigger Point 1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/terrifoxfitness

Twitter: www.twitter.com/terrifoxfitness

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrifoxfitness/

Year started in business: 2012

List any PR/recognition/awards received: PFP Trainer of the Month May 2017

What inspired you to start your business?

I transformed my life from overweight and unhappy at 44, to getting a pro card in bodybuilding at the age of 46. I had to show others how they, too could reach their health and body goals.

What is one hard lesson you’ve learned in business you believe has been most valuable?

Not everyone believes that we should help/serve each other. That’s hard when that is how you live.

If I asked one of your clients why they choose you over other places/gyms/trainers, what would they likely say?

She works with my body the way it is today. She takes into account my life, my job, my body and my goals and makes sure my fitness and nutrition match for me. She truly individualizes for me, even though we workout in a small group atmosphere. She cares about me.

Name one or two ways you are trying to raise the bar in the industry?

I believe everyone can exercise. There are no excuses. We as professionals, need to meet those goals. If we waited for everyone to have great bodies before working out, we wouldn’t have this industry. Meeting my clients’ needs at their level is most important.

Because of my special education background, I offer my services to a school next door for children with Autism. I also have a young man (5 years) with Fragile X/Autism one hour a week. I work with both of these cases at a much-reduced price because they need exercise as much as any of us. I donate hours for service men and women and work with the Military Veterans Project out of Topeka, KS. Small price to pay for being free and doing what I love.