When you’re a busy fitness professional managing clients, training schedules, running your business and personal commitments, a real challenge is making sure you follow-up and follow-through with clients from prospect to client. Using a site like is a great free web resource to help track your new leads and prospects and keep you accountable to follow-up and convert.

The website is free (up until 100 leads, after which you pay a nominal amount), and you can customize different funnels, stages and systems you have in your business. For example, in my business, I have separate funnel for website inquiries, our introductory program, referrals and our 8-week program. The site enables you to enter notes and information about the prospect (great for noting important information about goals, etc. in an initial consult or information session), schedule follow-up reminders and move each client to the next “stage” for follow-up, scheduling, conversion, etc. has been a key tool in my business and ensures we don’t let any possible clients slip through!

*this is not a paid/compensated endorsement