If you asked me what I believe is a common characteristic that any successful person likely possesses, it would be tenacity. I'm not one to refer to dictionary definitions, but I think this is a fitting occasion. Merriam-Webster defines tenacious as: "not easily pulled apart" and "persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired."

You can relate tenacity to every aspect of what you do as a fitness professional. You must communicate tenacity with your clients; are they willing to be persistent in accomplishing their goals, no matter what setbacks they may face? Are you tenacious in your own personal and professional life? Do you set concrete markers of success for yourself? Do you hold yourself accountable to take action and follow through?

Tenacity is the perfect thread that ties together this issue of PFP, "Build your Business." Many of you who took a risk and switched careers to become a fitness professional or those who have invested significant time and money to gain a higher degree in our field know that without tenacity, even the slightest degree of success would be non-existent. Tenacity is that fearless "stick-to-it" quality; that no matter what the sacrifice, you will do whatever it takes to commit to a profession that you are passionate about.

But tenacity alone won't cut it, unfortunately. You need the tools, resources, connections and knowledge to take your business and career to the next level of success and to give you the edge over your competitors. The goal of this Buyer's Guide issue of PFP is to do just that: give you the tools, resources and knowledge (along with some extra motivation) to empower you to make your vision of success a reality.

Here is a snapshot of what you'll find in this issue:
- We're proud to announce our 2012 Trainer of the Year winner, Carol Michaels, in our Journey to Success feature. Be inspired by how her grace and tenacity took her from Wall Street trader to Cancer Exercise Specialist.
- Carol Michaels also shares her favorite piece of workout equipment; a staple that many of us may need to dust off and reintroduce to our clients: the stability ball.
- Pat Rigsby discusses the impact of working with coaches and mastermind groups and how to determine what is the best avenue for you and your business.
- Valorie Ness shares with us this one simple tool that was a key in getting her business recognized as her city's Studio of the Year.
- Check out the newest products, tools and resources we've included in this issue that will keep your clients motivated and give you that edge over your competitors.

Here's to your undying tenacious spirit of success,
Lindsay Vastola