Really, it's ok if they go. I know it's never easy for us to see our clients go for whatever reason; albeit the end of the month, the end of a training package, or even the dreaded words uttered by any client, "I think I'll try it on my own for a while." I can empathize that any of these circumstances may make even the largest quadriceps in the business shake; however, this time of darkness could allow you to shine your brightest. You simply need to approach this as a new opportunity to help your client become more knowledgeable, self-aware, and independent. As a result they in turn will become smarter, healthier, and most importantly, advocating clients of yours. Remember your client, whether past or present, is a representation of your collaborative efforts and hours of dedication. Let's make an assumption that your client has been with you three to four months, and during that time they have begun to internalize much of the information you have provided them. You have spent time together getting to know the body in its entirety, functioning both holistically and its independent systems. The client has learned from you the intimate art of Myofascial Compression Techniques, aka foam rolling, the need to perform a dynamic warm-up beginning with the foot and ankle and proceeding upward to the hip and spine, in all three planes of movement and ultimately not forgetting the hours of corrective and movement exercises specific to their abilities and goals. You have helped build this machine that is now your client and now it’s time to help them function more independently. To assist in this I would suggest you create a multi-media package for your client that includes a binder of their specific exercises portraying photographs and videos of their individual exercises. Therefore, providing them with this resource will allow them the independence and autonomy to correctly continue on their own. These exercises should be concise and familiar to them. Make sure that you are confident that they can and will perform the exercises on their own. Also, making sure to show progressions and regressions to exercises so the clients can make the necessary adjustments week-to-week based on their exertion level. After all in this rat race of today's society we cannot always maintain the same energy level so perhaps giving your clients other devices like; training and nutrition logs, helpful hints and suggestions, or articles you've read would be appreciated. To reiterate, as personal trainers our job is to train our clients, which means to give them the skill set to progress, regress and continue on their fitness journey on their own. This means that you should expect them to go. If you have done your job correctly and set them up with the skills to be successful. The remaining message is this, "Once a client, always a client." Checking in with them every three to four weeks to see how they are doing, giving your clients other devices like; training and nutrition logs, helpful hints and suggestions, or articles you’ve read will show them exactly how much they mean to you and will continue to build your relationship with them.