Whether you're in business for yourself, work for someone else or just getting started in the industry -- there is one element of the fitness profession that should be understood: you are a marketer first; fitness professional second. 

    If you are not able to market and sell your services, your qualifications will have little to no correlation to your success. Marketing simply is the way you best communicate what you do best to meet a potential client’s needs or wants. Everything is 

    While marketing modalities may change over time, the core principles of successful marketing largely remain unchanged. In over 15 years of PFP media, a great deal of our content has been dedicated to help fitness professionals make marketing work for them. Here are a sampling of five articles with key takeaways highlighting the limitless possibilities of successful marketing for your career. 

    Just sell them what they want 
    By Lindsay Vastola
    Successful marketing requires a mindset switch for fitness professionals. Sell them what they want; give them what they need! 

    Fitness Marketing Checklist
    By Bedros Keuilian
    Diversify your online and offline marketing strategies with this fitness marketing checklist. 

    Before-You-Market Marketing
    Simple systems that attract new clients and retain a loyal following 
    By Leanne Ellington
    Ensure maximum attraction, conversion and retention with tried-and-proven marketing systems in your business. 

    Marketing to Women
    Strategies to grow your clientele by strengthening, not softening, your message
    By Shelby Murphy
    Craft your marketing messages and your personal approach so it is tailored specifically for your audience. 

    Fitness Marketing Makeover
    Part 1 -- Building relationships with your customers and prospects using auto-responders 
    By Rich Butkevic
    The first of a powerful 6-part marketing series, automate your marketing without compromising relationships.