Email marketing, when executed correctly, can be an incredibly valuable and cost-effective marketing tool for your business. To maximize sales, marketing a special program or promotion needs to be methodic and planned; haphazardly sending emails will not produce successful results and may even deter interest. I've outlined a 6-week email series below as a sample campaign that can be applied to any special series like a Transformation program, special workshop or membership/personal training package specials. Adjust the timeline or messaging to fit your business, but the key factor is being consistent with your message and regularly communicating with your email list.

6-week email sample campaign

Email #1: Day 1 - The P.S.
Research shows that P.S. notes at the bottom of letters/emails are very effective attention-getters. In one of your regularly scheduled emails to your subscribers, add a P.S. under your signature (you can even bold or underline it) and give a quick line or two to tease your upcoming promotion or program. This is a simple way to pique the interest of your followers so they look forward to more information.

Email #2: (a few days after email #1) - Launch
This is your official 'launch' email, get your followers excited about the program, add a registration deadline and if it fits, a limit of participants -- this will increase urgency to sign-up.

Email #3: (3-5 days prior to last opportunity to register) - Details, scarcity
This email should present the details of your program in a different way than your initial launch email. Try using a testimonial as a story to illustrate the benefits of your program. Reiterate the limited number of spots open (if applicable) and the deadline for registration.

Email #4: (1 day prior to end of promotion) - Last chance
Your last chance email is where you pull-out all the stops. Your copy should be creative and compelling and giving a clear picture of how your program would improve their life; perhaps more convincing is how they really can't afford not to do it!

Email #5: (after promotion ends) - Sorry you missed it but...
Demonstrate the demand of your program by a quick note that your program is sold out or is no longer taking any new participants. You can include a note that tells subscribers that you may offer the program again soon so they can be sure to take advantage of it next time you run the promotion.

Email #6: (mid-program) - Updates to participants & the rest
Periodically add updates in your regular emails about how your participants are doing and the results they are experiencing. This keeps you and your programs front-of-mind and continues to establish you as an expert.

Email #7: (end of program) - Final results email; use testimonials
There is nothing more powerful than social proof. In this final email, publicly congratulate those who completed your program and share one or two compelling testimonials or send them to your website to see more testimonials from those who successfully completed you program. Of many purposes testimonials serve, this generates excitement for the next time you run a program for those who did not participate.

Use this timeline as a blueprint for what fits your business or services you offer. Above all, when it comes to email marketing successfully, consistency is key. You should be regularly emailing your list with benefit-rich emails or articles so when you do ask for the sale, your followers trust you enough to pay you for your services.