The most challenging task with launching a new business, program or service often times is generating enough buzz to get your clients, potential or current, so excited about what you have to offer that they're chomping at the bit to be a part of it.

You may have an established following who trust you entirely and know that whatever you offer will be of value. Or you may be just starting your career as a fitness professional in a facility or branching off independently. Either way, your number one goal to get as many people as possible to know who you are and more importantly, to get your followers to remain excited about all you have to offer.

Here are four simple ways to generate excitement to gain new followers, keep your current followers engaged, both of which have a direct impact on your opportunity!

1. Above all, you must show that you are excited! The energy of excitement starts with you. If you're launching a program or starting a business because you have to or because you're strapped for a short-term revenue solution, people will sense that and are less likely to commit to you. Communicate with them the feeling that you are so excited for them to experience what you're offering that they feel like they'll be missing out if they don't get in on it. Be unique to you, be conversational in your tone and use compelling email subject lines for your email newsletters and intriguing social media posts.

2. Getting people excited in a world where there is a lot of "noise" can be difficult. But people (i.e. consumers) love to feel a part of something bigger than them; and most need something to look forward to. Before opening my studio, there was a lot of uncertainty among my long-time clients about the new location ... many are uncomfortable with change. To keep them engaged and get them excited, I regularly posted photos, videos and "teasers" of the construction process in my email newsletters and on our Facebook page. People love to see the process you go through to create value for them; they feel a part of it and ultimately are more loyal and vested.

3. Get others to be your ambassadors of excitement. The reason social proof like client testimonials are effective is because others can more easily identify with those who are more like them. If you're doing community events, bridal fairs or networking events, take a client who can share with others their excitement about you and how you've changed their life. Interview clients on video or have them share their experience on a free informational teleseminar you're offering. Having these ambassadors will pay off multifold, so I encourage you to incentivize or recognize them in return.

4. Follow other companies that generate excitement and mimic what they do in a way that aligns with your vision. Companies like Gilt.com, Xbox, Apple and Lululemon not only have created an avid fan base who don't think twice about buying anything they sell, but their consumers actually identify themselves by the brand.

Generate unmatched excitement about what you have to offer and you'll attract a following of excited, raving fans. Generating the business at that point is the easy part!