Effectively tapping into your clients' innermost insecurities and frustration is what can take you from being an ordinary trainer to an extraordinary trainer. Our clients' success is not just driven by killer workouts and strict diet plans, but is greatly impacted by our ability to earn their trust as an expert. That is the reason why they hired us, right?

One of the greatest challenges we face as an industry is combating the "noise" that inevitably influences our clients: magazines, reality TV, their friends and family, infomercials, trend diets and talk shows. How many times has a client mentioned a diet trick or miracle exercise that "they" said worked? Have you had a client that seems to contest every exercise you give them? Or despite your endless meal plans, nutrition advice and education, they start a diet program or take a weight loss pill (sometimes without telling you) because it worked for their friend? I believe our clients do this, not necessarily because they don't trust us, but because their self-doubt and insecurity always push them to find another faster option.

Here are three points you should be focused on to minimize your clients' doubt and gain new clients who are your raving fans:

1. Establish yourself as the expert: Offer your clients cutting-edge, proven training techniques and explain the benefits to them and make sure that you back up your claims with science. By empowering your clients with continuous education, you will always be viewed as their ultimate expert.

2. Find your voice and own it: You have to believe that you are the absolute best trainer for your client. Commit to your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise beliefs. Don't try to be "everyone’s trainer;" you will attract the client who believes in your methodology -- those are the clients you want and who will stay with you for life.

3. Be assertive with your clients: When you give an inch, they will take a mile -- it's the human condition! Be assertive (in your personal version of assertive), hold them accountable to their goals and remind them of their commitment to themselves. They will ultimately thank you.

For the longevity of your client relationships as well as the health and growth of your business, it is critical that your clients believe you, trust you and see you as the ultimate expert over all the "noise."