A fitness boot camp business, like most businesses in several respects, is often easier to start than to sustain. You can market to new clients and get them excited and committed for that first program they join - whether it's for 21 days, 4 weeks or 3 months. The challenge for many boot camp owners, however, is how to keep those clients long-term.

    A successful business cannot survive solely on drumming up new clients alone. Developing and sustaining relationships with your current clients is the crux of your business longevity. I challenge you this month to invest your time, energy and money on your current clients and less on recruiting new clients and see how this has a direct impact on your business. Here are two simple ways to help you zone-in your focus on your current clients:

    Create a membership program unique to your boot camp

    If you haven't yet created a membership program for your boot camp clients, it's time! Offer 2-3 membership program options with different levels of membership, varying benefits of each membership level and different price points reflecting the value that you are offering them. A great way to get a better idea of what your clients are looking for is to do a simple survey using a free online program like www.surveymonkey.com. Consider their feedback when designing your membership options.

    Not only is a membership program ideal for your clients' long-term success (because we all know there is only so much that can be accomplished during a four-week program), membership programs will provide you a more predictable business allowing you to focus less on how to get new clients, and instead focus that time and energy on how to make your members' experience more meaningful.

    Frequently offer a value-added program exclusively to your current members

    You want your members to feel like they are a part of something special; like they get something from you they can't get anywhere else. By offering something unique that is only available to your members will give them a sense that you are truly vested in their success and that you value their commitment to your program.

    A few ideas:
    - Arrange a workshop or live seminar: find a local nutritionist, health coach, beauty expert, physician or other expert that would resonate with your members and offer an evening seminar or workshop for your members.
    - Create a membership website; a "social media" site where your members can interact and post questions, share recipes, etc. Checkout www.ning.com.
    - Join a local fitness event as a team and offer a special training to help them prepare for the event.

    Ultimately, by focusing on how you can retain your already-loyal clients is the key to your long-term success ... and not to mention, THEIR long-term success. So I encourage you to take on the challenge this month: make it all about your current clients who already know you, like you and trust you and watch your business transform!