Developing rotational strength and power is necessary tomaximize performance in sports. Specifically, integrating the shoulders, torso and hips in a specificmovement pattern allows for more optimal functional training and ground-basedtraining. It is easy to do this usingthe Body Sport Wall Ball..
Begin in a squat (loaded) position perpendicular to and about 2-3 feet away from a solid concrete wall. The arms should be extended holding the ball at the furthest point away from the wall. Next, rapidly rotate the torso/arms toward the wall and throw the ball into the wall as you extend the ankles, knees and hips. Aim in such a way that the ball strikes the wall out in front of the body. As it rebounds off the wall, catch it and lower back into the starting position while allowing the trunk to rotate opposite and away from the throwing direction.

Repeat this sequence for 10-15 repetitions and then switch sides. Focus on finding a smooth and reciprocal pattern of throwing under control, yet producing as much power as you can. If you are new to the exercise, start slowly and gradually increase speed and power as you become comfortable catching and throwing the wall ball.

This exercise is anexcellent method to develop rotational strength and power. The wall ball alsoprovides a safe, effective option that allows for maximum throwing speed withno risk for bodily injury if it happens to come back and hit you. Finally, thisparticular exercise focuses on training triple extension in the ankles, kneesand hips while improving hand-eye coordination.

Brian Schiff, PT, OCS, CSCS, is a licensed physical therapist, respected author and fitness professional. Currently, he serves as the supervisor for EXOS API at Raleigh Orthopaedic. Brian conducts live continuing education webinars and presents nationally at professional conferences and seminars on injury prevention, rehab and sport-specific training. For more information on his products and services, visit