"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication," an appropriate mantra for any business, especially for those in the fitness industry. I am reminded of a story a client told me about their college basketball coach simplified the game so much, it made it very easy to fit players into his system and to ultimately win games. He said his coach would break the game down into ten four minute segments. With the game being two halves of 20 minutes, there would be five segments of four minutes each half. He would coach his group to win each of those segments. He broke the game down so precisely; it took pressure off his team and allowed them to concentrate on each four minute segment that equated to a lot wins.

Learn to say no
All too often trainers will say yes to everything so they can build a book of business and be successful. Often times this leads to doing too many things, working too many places and ultimately burning the trainer out. If you are a trainer who bounces from gym to gym, figure out what it is going to take to stay in one spot and stay there. You cannot effectively run a business being in three places at once. It will be difficult to build a referral and word of much business and it will cause you to become exhausted and unhappy in your work.

Buy software
Going paperless has always been my forte. The less clutter, the better in my opinion and they only way this can be achieved is by purchasing software to help you manage your business. From taking payments to signing waivers to scheduling your clients, having a solid software platform that will organize your day goes a long way in building a long term financially satisfying business.

Simplify your numbers
When I access how much I charge per session, I look at industry and local trends, the economy and the amount it will take to pay my rent. Currently, in order to make operating expenses, I only need 46 sessions per month to break even, after that everything goes to the business. Best advice I was given was figure out what you need to break even and then what you want to pay yourself and adjust your pricing accordingly.

As trainers, it is our job to simplify our client’s fitness and nutrition, to set them up for success. The same can be said about our business as well.