When I think of copywriting and personal trainers I think of that classic Star Trek line, "for God sakes Jim I’m a doctor not a copywriter!" Maybe that's because as fitness professionals I think we're kind of methodical and rigid. I know I see a lot of offers from trainers sent to mailing lists that have a very similar structure, unfortunately not an effective one. They are often a basic word play for a catchy way to wrap up the offer (ex. Spring into Shape, Tone the Tummy Challenge) a bunch of features and benefits and the offer itself.

Unfortunately this doesn't move too many people to action, at least not many more than those that were already set to buy anyways.

Now I don't profess to be the worlds greatest copywriter but I do know that because of my methodical task oriented fitness professional rigidness having a process has greatly improved it.

Here are some tips you mind useful for creating your own process.

1) Understand the nature of the communication. Unfortunately you don't generally have the recognition and authority that a famous brand does, so generally your first step is each message must create a connection. The best connections are the emotional ones; I mean think about, being emotional about anything usually leads to a response of some sort.

2) Employ a structure. For me that structure is: emotion stirring headline, expand emotion in first few sentences, tell my story why this is important to me and why I am doing this, share my offer, provide social proof, finish with a risk reversal.

3) Recognize that the time between offers is important.
Continue to communicate with your list between offers, provide real value, engage them, fuel their emotions about the subject, when it's time to act they’re more likely to.

4) Practice makes perfect.

Whether we as people acknowledge it or not, especially now in our fast paced world more than ever, when we begin reading something from someone other than the closest friends or family we instinctively feel: what does this person want? And, what's in it for me? Use the strongest emotional language you are comfortable with to satisfy your reader in this regard in the shortest time possible.

Use their resulting emotional feeling to move them to the next line, draw them into your story, show your vulnerability, allow them to relate. Accomplish these things and they will be compelled to buy; though I believe not only that I believe with the same application your current clients will even be more compliant and achieve better results.

Let me close with an example read each and see if it doesn't make you feel differently.

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